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About Silvernest FAQ

Silvernest is your all-in-one tool for homesharing. This article covers frequently asked questions about Silvernest, our users and our parent company. 


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What is Silvernest? 

Silvernest is an online homesharing platform that matches compatible hosts and homeseekers and gives them everything they need to create a Home Sweet Shared Home®. Our proprietary matching algorithm generates a ShareScorefor each of your matches to indicate potential compatibility, streamlining your homesharing journey from search to move-in day. 


Homesharing through Silvernest helps homeowners earn extra income ($850/month on average) and remain in their homes longer. It helps renters pay far less than market rent, saving an average of $750/month compared to a one-bedroom apartment. Both enjoy companionship and the efficiencies that come with sharing a space. Getting started with Silvernest is easy and free. Learn more here. 


Where is Silvernest located? 

Silvernest is based in Denver, Colorado with a remote team across the United States. 


How do you ensure the quality of listings and profiles on your site? 

While Silvernest doesn’t vet every individual home and housemate, we do offer a variety of tools to help you feel secure in your search, like background checks, identity verification and more. 


What is Silvernest’s relationship with Finance of America Reverse? 

Silvernest is a subsidiary of Finance of America Reverse (FAR). Finance of America Reverse (FAR) provides financial options for retirees who want to pay off their mortgage early, cash in on their home's equity or move into a new house without dealing with a new mortgage payment. FAR works with independent mortgage brokers to originate reverse mortgages, and the company’s wholesale loan products include HECMs, HECMs for Purchase, HomeSafe and refinancing. 


You do not need to be a FAR borrower to use Silvernest. Similarly, this partnership does not mean that Silvernest will try to sell you reverse mortgages. The only time you may come across mentions of reverse mortgages or any other Finance of America offerings is as part of resources curated by the Silvernest team. You can opt out of receiving curated offers at any time by clicking here and de-selecting the box next to Information Sharing: Finance of America. 


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