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About the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement

Note: The Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement™ is only available to hosts using Silvernest Plus. Learn more about Silvernest Plus


Sharing a home with another person is very personal. There are lots of questions to answer and boundaries to set. Silvernest can’t tell you how to homeshare, but we can help you think through the questions you may not have known to ask—and that’s why we created the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement.  


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What is the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement and how does it work? 

The Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement is a template built to address the needs of two people living together in the context of homesharing. It provides flexibility and outlines important boundaries and expectations that a typical lease would ignore. Key features of the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement include: 

  1. It documents house rules: The Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement puts house rules and expectations in writing to document boundaries around shared vs. unshared space, quiet hours, use of TV/music, guests, etc. Learn more about house rules.
  2. It provides a mutual 30-day out with written notice: Sometimes things don’t work out between housemates. The Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement allows for either homesharing party to get out of the homesharing arrangement with 30 days’ written notice.
  3. It is legally binding: In terms of legality, the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement contains much of the same language as a lease. The document should be treated like any legal document or lease. As such, we always advise seeking your own legal counsel to review.  


Why should I use the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement? 

You don’t have to use the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement, but we strongly recommend that you and your housemate put some kind of documentation in place describing the terms of your homesharing arrangement.  


Most homesharing problems could be prevented or eliminated by having a signed agreement to reference when disputes arise. Sometimes it can feel overly formal or uncomfortable to create and sign an agreement in the context of homesharing, but it is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself. Learn more about preventing conflict. 


Should I also sign a lease? 

Because Nest Easy Homesharing Agreements and leases are both legally binding documents, signing both may lead to issues. If you feel more comfortable having a formal lease, create a lease instead of the Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement—not in addition to it.   


Note: Lease requirements vary by state. Visit your state’s website to download an up-to-date copy of your state’s lease template. 


How do I create a Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement?  

If you are a host: 

  1. If you haven’t already, upgrade to Silvernest Plus by logging in to Silvernest and clicking the Upgrade button in the top-right corner of your screen. 
  2. Once you’re using Silvernest Plus, you have two options to initiate your Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement:
    1. You can download the fillable Agreement template by clicking the link under Preparing for Homesharing on your Silvernest dashboard (screenshot below). Once downloaded, you can complete the Agreement offline with your housemate. 
    2. We’ll build out your Agreement for you, provide guidance and facilitate e-signatures from you and your housemate. You’ll both also be able to download copies of your signed Agreement. Click Schedule a call with a Silvernester from your dashboard (screenshot below) to start this process.

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 4-54-25 PM-png 


If you are a homeseeker and would like to create a Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement with your host, you’ll need to ask them to initiate the process. Here’s a template you can copy and paste into your messages with your host: 

Hi [name], 

Silvernest has a template for a homesharing agreement that would help us think through the details of our living arrangement like defining house rules and handling our respective belongings. It’s also legally binding, just like a traditional lease. 

For us to access the homesharing agreement template, you would need to upgrade to Silvernest Host Plus. If you’re not already using Host Plus, would you consider upgrading to receive the template? You’ll also receive complimentary background screens and optional one-on-one homesharing agreement support from a Silvernest expert. There’s more info on Silvernest’s pricing page. 

What do you think? 


Limitations and disclaimers 

Silvernest is not a party to any lease or other agreement between hosts and homeseekers. This is true even if our site, app and/or services allow you to download and use our Nest Easy Homesharing Agreement or a sample lease agreement for a roommate property.  


If you choose to enter into a lease, you are responsible for ensuring your lease complies with all applicable laws for the location of the property. Silvernest does not provide legal advice and recommends that all parties review any lease or homesharing agreement with their personal legal advisor. 


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